Historical data & maps

From the childhood days I spent on my bedroom floor, paging through the leaves of a giant atlas til the spine was worn through, maps have been my obsession. My father is also a big map-and-data dork; likewise, my maternal grandfather the RCAF navigator had a penchant for them. In his retirement, Grandpa even dealt rare books and maps.

Not everyone is so geographically-oriented, but maps remain a uniquely visual, accessible way to connect people to places. With the advent of modern digital mapping software, bridging the conceptual divide between archival maps and the places they represent is easier than ever before. Mostly, still, these maps are kept behind gates of various kinds.

ATLAS 🌐 aims to provide a searchable index of historical maps, presented in geographical context via reprojection and data highlighting. In addition, place-relevant non-map data will occasionally warrant being mapped for clarity. Explore the maps herein, and see the results of archival cartographic research on Indigenous traditional place NAMES.