The internet is a shattered mirror. When one explores the shards, each reflects a little differently. It’s easier than it’s ever been to get so many angles on a topic that you can almost see it in 3D. And it’s never been harder to trust which shards of the mirror aren’t coated with information poison. Here’s us trying to mime what the antidote could look like: easier access to verifiable truth.

SO-RCD 💾 is Factso’s archival core. Our Structured Open-Research Content Depository presents historical texts (💾s) in their original forms, with the benefit of annotation, transcription, digitization, and accessible formatting. Each 💾 has a different origin story, but these are here because they intersect with Factso’s research (or because they just happen to be awesome).

Enjoy seeing these sources up close. What will you learn from them?